Portal Development

Bmetcs B2B or business-to-business portals are by businesses for businesses and are meant to promote business between enterprises.

Security and confidentiality of your data: our priority.

Toxic gas detection system
Toxic gas detection system

For security reasons we are using some of the chemicals used for fire suppression can be harmful, for who will try to break our security.

Restricted access
Restricted access

Bmetcs data centers maintain several levels of security on a 24x7 basis. In order to enter the premises, you must first take permission to entrance surrounding the property.

Anti-DDoS protection
Anti-DDoS protection

Bmetcs DDoS protection is powered by our proprietary and fully automated mitigation systems.

CMS Platforms

A Content Management System (CMS) is a web application that allows you to publish and manage services on the web in an intuitive fashion. For example, imagine that you had a text editor (like Notepad or TextEdit) that enabled you to publish articles directly to a website you own. That would be a very central example of a CMS.
Of course, these days most of the best CMS options help you do much more than that.
They allow you to index your content, make modifications to it, format it using visual editors, and more. The latter is a kind of tool focused on helping you create websites without any coding experience. Normally, they accomplish this by providing you with access to a visual drag-and-drop editor. However, they tend to be a lot simpler, offering few customization possibilities and little control over the way your site is set up.

B2B Web Portal

Making up personal contacts and relationships of the traditional ‘customer service’ days are still important but these days people want to do their own product research and B2B purchasing digitally and immediately, without human interaction.
They want easy self-service on their decision of the device with fast access to product knowledge, support communities, other key learning, and so on. Customers tend to gain experience and insight through sharing information on group chats and product discussions.
And for distributors and agents, giving them easy access to key information and information means they can solve problems fasters and bypass having to pick up the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions About portal development