Vehicle GPS

Vehicle GPS tracking uses global positioning system to monitor vehicle and keep records of each and every activity of a targeted vehicle. Bmetcs GPS software is a high-quality tracking software that will allow you to know location of each and every one of your vehicles so that you can take immediate action in case of theft or unauthorized use without wasting precious time.

Not only this, but our geolocation feature will also help you mark of specific territories or zones of interest so that you can get instant alerts when your vehicles enter the said areas.

Vehicle GPS

Ships And Cargo GPS

Get instant notification and alert for your objects and goods. Bmetcs GPS software allows business vendor to track their cargo and shipments fastest In a most reliable way, Bmetcs GPS helps into controlling issues like risk of theft, Operation costs, delivery delay, high insurance cost, insecurities of your employees and furthermore.

Ships & Cargo GPS

Bmetcs is supports more than 1000+ GPS tracker.

Bmetcs GPS tracking software supports more than 1000+ GPS tracker, also providing hybrid function to manage gps devices by sms. As technology changes overtime, team of Bmetcs experts create user friendly environments to all GPS tracker devices.

Bmetcs supports-more-than-1000+Gps-tracker

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