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Simple & Powerful GPS Tracking Features

Bmetcs GPS Fleet Tracking system – the one-stop solution for managing vehicle fleets and teams in real-time to reduce losses and drive business growth effectively!

  • Notification & Live Dashboard
  • Realtime GPS Tracking
  • GPS & Fleet Report
  • 1000+ Device Support
  • History & Playback
monitoring 24/7/365

Notification & Live Dashboard

Bmetcs-GPS is a high-quality tracking software that will allow you to know the real-time location of each and every one of your vehicles and drivers so that you can take immediate action in case of theft or unauthorized use without wasting precious time.

monitoring 24/7/365

Realtime GPS Tracking

Real time tracking allows you to monitor activity as it happens with your vehicle, or family member. This activities are monitored continuously and every activity is reported in a second after it occurs.

With Real Time tracking everything is on safe hands as you can immediately get to monitor the effects happening or changing with time to time activities.

monitoring 24/7/365

GPS & Fleet Report

Bmetcs is provides data reports as per how kilometres vehicle travelled and when next service required it also keep record of geographical locations of the fleet in the GPS devices already application is installed, this enable accurate information to business vendors about fleet and also provides seriousness to drivers to perform their tasks effectively.

1000+ Device Support

1000+ Device Support

Bmetcs gps tracking software is supported more then 1000+ devices, also providing hybrid function to manage gps device by SMS.

History & Playback

History And Playback

Bmetcs software gives you regular updates regarding your vehicle condition and driving behaviour including stopovers, speeding, fuel consumption, distance travelled, ignition level, battery status also you can check your gps playback track up to 6 month.

Why Choose Bmetcs?

We are best because we provide 24x7 support to save customer valuable time urgency.

Support 24x7x365

Our NOC team monitoring all devices and technical support operates 24/7 throughout the week.

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Real Time Dashboard
Real Time Dashboard

Real time tracking allows you to monitor GPS activity as it happens with your vehicle, and provide customized dashboard as per your requirement.

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Live Notification
Live Notifications

GPS devices send data to server every scheduled time after check data on server Bmetcs software push notification by SMS, EMAIL and Webview.

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